What triggers a claim on your Malpractice Insurance Policy?

Medical Malpractice: Incident Triggers

Medical Malpractice claims made policies are issued one of two ways; they will either have an incident trigger or a written demand trigger.

Incident Trigger:

If your malpractice coverage has an incident trigger, the moment you report a bad outcome to your carrier they become responsible for any future claims based on this incident.

Written Demand Triggers:

Under a written demand trigger, you may know of a bad outcome but a carrier will not accept responsibility of a claim until a written demand for money or a lawsuit has been made.

If affordable, an incident trigger form should always be considered.

Demand Trigger policies may force a physician practice with a known incident (however large or small) to remain with their current insurance company for years to avoid a gap in coverage. There is the potential that the carrier could significantly raise rates or adversely change coverage forms while awaiting a written demand or the Statue of Limitations to pass.

The SMA Service’s exclusive Medical Malpractice program provides an incident trigger form. We’ve aggregated the over 4,000 Southern Medical Association members to provide you with the underwriting discounts and terms & conditions to independent physicians that would normally be reserved for large hospital systems.

Our program could potentially save your practice up to 50% off your current rates.

If you would like more information on your eligibility for our program, please contact us at MedicalMalpractice@SMA.org.



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