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Theplan-01One of the ladies at the coffee club today asks us if we had a Plan for the future. As always Uncle Bud was the first to speak up and let us know he had a plan.

He always has the answer and is so ready to share it with us. Someone made the mistake of asking him to tell us his plan. He would have anyways so it was not a huge mistake. Uncle Bud said, “I have money under the mattress, some cold cash in the freezer, and a few jars of money buried in the back yard”. Well, needless to say, we feel like we need a better Plan. No one could get Uncle Bud to change his mind. We pointed out that houses burn and tornados have been known to carry freezers several miles from home. Someone even had the gall to remind us that if we buried money in the back yard we might forget where we buried the jars.

Finally it was agreed upon that Uncle Bud’s Plan was one he would forever stick to but none of us would join him. We need to feel a little more secure about our future. Some of us have a Plan in place but are not sure it is what we need. Some admitted they do not have a Plan at all. So where should we go for help?

SMA Services, Inc. is the place to go. They will review the Plan you have and help you decide if changes need to be made. If you have no Plan at all then you, without a doubt, need their help. It is never too early to start planning for your future. But keep in mind; it is never too late either. While some of us may have waited longer than we should have to plan for our future we do not need to continue to make mistakes. SMA Services, Inc. will help you see if you are on track. If not, they will help you find different ways to reach your goals and make adjustments as needed.

The younger members of the coffee club can benefit greatly by receiving guidance from the retirement professionals at SMA Services, Inc. They can help them decide how much money needs to be but in what plan. You may be tempted to do your own research. Please reconsider and let the experts help you. SMA Services, Inc. professionals are aware of so many ways to help. How many of us know the different Plans out there? You are an expert in your field of work but are you an expert on 401Ks, Profit Sharing, Hybrid Plans, Money Purchase Pension Plans? Need we go on because there are more? If we are honest with ourselves most of us need guidance in this field.

Your future is serious business. SMA Services, Inc.’s Customer Service Representatives can help you.  They understand the importance of a Plan.

Call Customer Services – 1-800-423-4992

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