SMA Non-Member Fees


Initial Set-Up Fee $300 per plan
 Annual Administration Fee (under 100 employees)
Standardized Profit Sharing, 401(k), Money Purchase:
 a. All investments with Bundle product $750.00 per plan  $850.00 per plan
 b. All investments with Unbundle product  $850.00 per plan + $30.00 per participant

Other plan types are individually priced, please call Kim Thompson, ext 192 for pricing

The above fees cover the following:
1.     Standardized Prototype Documents (Adoption Agreement, Plan Document and Summary Plan Description)
2.     Annual Reports and Related Schedules
3.     Quarterly Reports (if not received by investment company)
4.     Testing (one per year)
5.     Vesting Calculations
6.     Assistance with Eligibility and Contribution Calculations
7.     Distribution calculations
8.     Toll free customer assistance

Additional Fees

Cross Tested Contribution Formula $500.00
 Plan Amendments (Voluntary)  $150.00
 Trust Reconciliation  $100.00 per hour
 Loan Origination Fee  $75.00 paid by participant
 Disbursement Fee  $50.00 paid by participant
 Plan Termination Fee (Form 5310)  $1000.00
Research  $75.00 per hour
Overnight Mail Service (letter size AM Delivery)  $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee  $35.00 deducted from wire amt
5558 Extension of time $200.00
Republish of 5500 $100.00
Recreate Yearend work $425.00 minimum, $100 per hour
 * The above fees are current but subject to change