PayrollWhen running any type of business, your employees are your backbone. They help you carry your business and make sure the day-to-day duties are handled.

You also want to make sure that they are compensated well, fairly, and on time. If you’re handling the payroll aspect of your business on your own, the outcome could be risky and complex which leaves you and your company vulnerable to several different negative possibilities. By turning over your payroll completion to an outside source, you reduce the unwanted risks as well as ensure greater accuracy with up-to-date tax rates and regulatory information. You can simply your payroll with a combination of resources available through SMA Services to help you make sure your employees and your business are taken secured.

By allowing SMA Services to take over your business’s payroll, you are putting a dedicated team in charge of handling the payment of your employees. Your business receives expert, one-on-one service and support from a local, small business minded team. SMA Services provides a better payroll experienced that is focused on providing you with a smooth, glitch-free payroll system that is customized to meet the unique needs of your business regardless of the size.

When you put SMA Services in charge, you’re still the boss of your payroll. The details of your payroll system are customizable all the way down to the way that you submit your information to SMA Services. You can submit your payroll directly to our professional payroll team and receive a small business payroll package delivered to you, included with processed checks and essential management reports and supplies. We make it easy to submit payroll online, by phone, or through Email, view reports, import payroll data to your business’ accounting software, and save time answering your employees’ payroll questions that may arise.

The SMA Services payroll system is ideal for small to mid-sized employers. With SMA Services’ payroll and tax compliance, your payroll can be managed in-house and online. This allows you to eliminate inefficiencies of managing data in multiple places. This provides you with complete control and ownership of your payroll information and financial assets.

In addition to eliminating confusion and additional stress, SMA Services allows you to manage your payroll on your terms. By cutting checks, SMA Services can put effective payroll management tools in your hands to make every pay period business-as-usual. You have options when entering in your payroll information into the accounting software of your choice as either a regular entry or in more detailed check and draft amounts. You can automatically withhold and remit garnishment payments through electronic fund transfers. SMA Services gives you access to accurate reports to make understanding your payroll that much easier. SMA Services also offers the convenience of direct deposit, a paycard program, or a variety of traditional paper check options to fit the need of your employees.

When SMA Services handles your payroll needs, you can rest assured that you are receiving accurate handling of your payroll resources. You have enough to worry about when handling a business, so make payroll one less thing you have to struggle with juggling everything and then your business’ payroll. Turn the payroll worries over to SMA Services and continue carrying your business with a little less to worry about.


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