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Insurance_Just In CaseWhat would you say if ask, “Are you going to get sick day after tomorrow”? Most of us would laugh it off and say no, I hope not, how do I know, or something similar. We do not know. That is why we need medical insurance.

Look up the word insurance. Never mind, we saved you the trouble:

  1.  Promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company.
  2.  Protection against future loss.

Insurance is a way of managing risk. When you buy insurance you are covering yourself, “just in case”.  You transfer the cost of a potential doctor or hospital bills to the insurance company in exchange for a fee, or premium.  Insurance companies invest the money in a secure way so it grows and is available to pay out the people or companies who have purchased insurance from them.

It is a fact of life. Most of us will become sick at some point in our lives. We do not want too nor do we plan too. However, we need to plan how we will pay for the expense that is incurred when we are sick. It will not take much trouble for you do little research to find out the cost of just a short illness. In fact, all you have to do is ask a friend or family member who has recently had to make a trip to the doctor. Just one trip could cost you more than a month’s insurance premium. We are talking a simple, one trip, illness here. If you really become ill, say with a serious illness the cost could sky rocket. And we do not even want to think about the cost of a hospital stay.

Let’s talk about something a little less depressing. The good news is there is insurance you can afford that will help cover the cost of being sick. If you never have to use the insurance you are truly blessed. We want you to see the importance of having the insurance “just in case”. More good news, you do not have to make the decision of what insurance company to use by yourself. There is help for you. SMA Services, Inc. is just the place you need to go for help with your insurance needs. We are able to fit you with just the plan and coverage you need for you and your family. SMA Services, Inc. will help you decide what coverage you need and what company will give you the best coverage for your money. Get your insurance today, just in case. Remember the cost of insurance may seem costly to you but it is not near the cost of medical care.

SMA Services, Inc. representatives are able to help you with insurances needs for yourself, your family, or for your company.

Our Customer Service Representatives can help you. Do not wait any longer. Give us a call. 1-800-423-4332

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