Hospital Indemnity

Could daily hospital co-pays threaten you financially?
SMA Services, Inc. Hospital Indemnity product can make your worries a little lighter.

Our Hospital Indemnity Plan:

  • Helps offset the expenses incurred for hospital admissions
  • Gives daily benefits of $100 up to $500 beginning the day of admission
  • Offers emergency room benefits
  • Surgical benefits  that will also pay up to $500 per calendar year for in-patient or out-patient surgical procedures
  • Survivor benefit allows your spouse and/or dependent children to continue the coverage for up to 2 years after your death with no further premium payment

Protect yourself and your family
Choose from the following 4 options. Each of the options has a maximum of 30 days per year, per person:

  • $100 daily hospital/$200 Intensive Care Benefit
  • $200 daily hospital/$400 Intensive Care Benefit
  • $300 daily hospital/$600 Intensive Care Benefit
  • $500 daily hospital/$1000 Intensive Care Benefit

Let our experts help you!

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