Protect one of your most valuable resources — your income

One of the most important decisions a physician can make is to invest in a disability insurance policy that adequately protects future income. Without protection an unexpected illness or injury can be devastating. SMA Services, Inc. offers disability insurance policies that are tailored to your needs. Our partners will protect and stand by you.

Look to SMA Services, Inc. for disability insurance that offers:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Superior ratings
  • Expert advice

Look to SMA Services, Inc. for your disability  needs — Long Term, Short Term or Individual

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Group Long Term Disability

Stay independent and protect your goals and dreams - let SMA Services find the right Long Term Disability Plan for you.

Group Short Term Disability

You need coverage if an unexpected accident or disability occurs. SMA Services Inc. offers Short Term Disability plans that work for you when you can't.

Individual Disability

Protect your future income with Individual Disability insurance that's tailored to your specific needs.