TPA Services

SMA Services, Inc. provides TPA services to plan sponsors who offer a 401(k) plan.

Our goal is to provide retirement solutions designed with a client’s needs in mind. In an unbundled environment TPA services is our core competency. We provide a broad suite of retirement plan services — helping reduce your burden and potentially saving you money. Plan design is more than choosing from a list of features. It requires getting to know your organization and understanding the unique challenges your participants face. It also requires specialized expertise in managing the compliance testing, government filings and other reporting requirements that you’ll face.

The guide below outlines the roles and responsibilities when leveraging the expertise of a TPA to offer a full range of services offering greater flexibility.


  • Design plan
  • Prepare plan document, plan amendments and IRS plan qualification filings
  • Complete summary plan description
  • Compile and provide participant census data electronically to the record keeper
  • Complete Plan Provision Checklist form to provide Your record keeper with plan provision information
  • Coordinate with payroll service
  • Obtain plan data from plan sponsor website
  • Conduct top-heavy testing and contribution calculation
  • Calculate 415 limits
  • Perform ADP/ACP nondiscrimination tests
  • Conduct miscellaneous compliance tests for specific plan designs
  • Prepare allocations of plan sponsor contributions and forfeitures
  • Complete Form 5500 series annual reports and schedules and summary annual report
  • Monitor and calculate Required Minimum Distributions

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