After-Tax Plan

SMA Services, Inc. offers a solid solution to help you save with your after tax dollars

The SMA After-Tax Plan is one option. Here are the facts:

  • Minimum deposit $5000.00
  • The account is not insured, although it is backed by ACACIA Federal Savings Bank
  • Interest posted monthly
  • Quarterly statements
  • No annual administrative fees
  • No surrender fees
  • Total withdrawal fee $25.00
  • Disbursement fee $2.00 per check in excess of four checks per year
  • Standard Overnight courier fee $15.00
  • Outgoing Wire transfer fee $25.00
  • If you withdraw your entire account balance, you could be subject to a market value adjustment, which means you could receive the lesser of the book or market value
  • Please make checks payable to SMA Retirement Program-NQA
  • Mail to SMA Retirement Program, PO Box 190088, Birmingham, AL 35219
  • For current interest rate on the After Tax Plan please contact 800-423-4992 ext. 170

CALL 800-423-4992 ext 170 for more information


The financial services are intended to serve as a basis for further discussion with your other professional advisors. The actual application of some of these concepts may be the practice of law, and is the proper responsibility of your attorney.
Kim Woods
Director of Financial Services

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