Customized and consistent plan service for you. Ongoing education and support for your participants.

Plan Sponsor Services:

  • Quarterly Investment and Plan Summary Reporting: Summary and analysis of your fund lineup and your participant statistics.
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Maintenance: Create and maintain your IPS based on current market trends.
  • Semi-Annual Face-to-Face Investment Review: Detailed review of IPS, fund watch lists and plan usage.
  • Tri-Annual Vendor Review: Assess vendor searched for best-in-class platform and services for your plan and participants.
    Also included ongoing cost analysis to ensure that your plan is getting proper value.
  • Review Annual compliance Calendar: Assist plan sponsor in meeting compliance deadlines.
  • Fund Selection: Present funds and asset classes per the IPS.
  • Committee Meeting Minutes: Document decisions made by plan committee.

Participant Services:

  • Employee Education Meetings on the plan and a wide variety of financial topics.
  • Enrollment Support for new hires to help them understand the plan benefits and enrollment process.
  • Distribution Support to help employees during the distribution phase of their retirement.
  • Annual Employee Survey conducted to understand employees’ perception of the plan and help to design ongoing education to meet the needs of your employees.


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