Who Needs AirMed Insurance?

Who Needs AirMed Insurance_Who Needs AirMed Insurance?
Have you ever felt the need for AirMed Insurance? Many people do not think such and insurance would benefit them. Maybe it is because they do not travel long distances. But an accident close to home could require you to get to a larger or more specialized hospital than the one available in your home town. So basically just about everyone could benefit from having AirMed Insurance. If you read just part of the San Francisco General Hospital Air Medical Access Needs and Feasibility Study your will realize why it is sometimes important to transport a patient by air. If you think about it having this type of insurance is a low cost way to ensure you and your family get to the medical treatment facility in a timely manner. Plus there are times a patient needs to be air lifted to a specialized hospital for reasons not related to an accident. They are just very sick.

Benefits of Air Medical Access
Injury causes sudden changes in body systems and functions. These changes are sometimes a result of internal bleeding. Surgery may be the only way to stop the bleeding. Most of the time, if this is the case, time is of upmost importance. Just a few minutes may make the difference in whether the patient lives or dies. The minutes made be saved if there is an option to fly the patient to a hospital rather than has to go by ambulance. The fact that and airplane or helicopter does not have to contend with local traffic, road blocks, or detours is a plus in getting the patient to the help he/she needs. The planes and helicopters used for transporting patients are equipped with the staff and equipment needed to take care of the patients needs while traveling to the hospital. Then amount of time from the place of the injury to the advanced treatment is center is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of the patient’s health.

Non-trauma Patient Transfer
Have you ever know someone who had a serious medical problem that was of the non-trauma category. Most of us have. This can be a serious medical, surgical, or obstetric condition. The non-trauma category can be any high-risk problem not caused by an accident. Let’s face it the faster the patient can be moved to a hospital that can take care of his/her needs the better it is for the patient. Wouldn’t you want your loved one to he moved the fastest and most comfortable way? More often than not the move would be better if it was done by air. Without AirMed Insurance the move could become a costly burden to you or your family. There might even be a time when you would have to make a choice of a slower move. Do you want to have to make such a decision?

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AirMed-01Experiencing the joys of travel is like no other feeling. There’s nothing like being completely submerged in a new location or exotic culture. Although we may not like to think about it, accidents don’t reschedule themselves just because you’re on a vacation. They can happen at any moment regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. With global air ambulance services like AirMed, you can be wherever you want wherever you are. When the unthinkable happens, will you be ready?

AirMed is the premier global air ambulance and medical solutions company. Should you find yourself in need of medical assistance, whether you’re halfway around the globe or in your own backyard, AirMed can transport you to the hospital and care of your choice. With fleet of jets that serve as flying intensive care units, a highly trained crew of doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists can assist in your road to recovery and the road to the medical facility of your choosing. AirMed provides access to worldwide medical referrals, consultation, and prescription assistance. And since they are on the clock 24-7, AirMed is available when you need them, and if you’re already enrolled, AirMed can give you up-to-the-minute advisories for the location of which you’re traveling to as well as safety assessments while you’re away.

Some may wonder what makes AirMed different from travel insurance or if it’s even really necessary. Well, to tackle the first point, travel insurance is for your luggage, AirMed focuses on you and your health. AirMed can cover you while you’re away on a trip or even while you’re at home. You’re given the choice to decide where you would like to be transported to in the event of an emergency. With AirMed, there are no deductibles, claim forms, or out of pocket expenses when utilizing the services. AirMed’s services can accommodate patients with pre-existing medical conditions and there are no financial limitations for those who need help or want to be insured help if they may ever need it.

Joining AirMed is just as personalized as the care itself. There are a variety of plans that you can choose from to suit your needs. Individual plans are available to U.S. and Canadian residents up to the age of 75, and the great part, you don’t even have to leave home to be qualified for AirMed. Family memberships are for a spouse or partner and up to five dependent children up to the age of 26. Have a child studying abroad? AirMed has a student membership that meets the needs of students away from home by offering available short-term plans. Corporate memberships are for companies big or small. The businesses who trust AirMed with the care of their employees are looking out for their biggest asset: the people. A corporate AirMed membership saves your company money by bringing your employees back to your healthcare network and is a seamless component of your emergency response plan.

If AirMed seems to be something you would like for your family or business to be equipped with, contact SMA Services Inc. and we would be more than happy to help you begin the enrollment process so that you and your family can have peace of mind while traveling.